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How To Block Annoying Ads on Android Mobile {2017 Tricks}

The greater part of the free applications accessible on the Play Store are supported by commercials. In spite of the fact that these permit engineers get some cash out of their applications, they are now and then unreasonable and negative to the client. In the event that you are hunting down an application to obstruct these advertisements, you won't discover any of them on the Play Store, as Google banned them. This article will walk you through a few answers for continue with advertisement hindering on your Android gadget.

Sideloading is required as Google has expelled promotion piece applications from Google Play Store. You have to sideload any promotion blocker, i.e. introduce promotion blockers utilizing its APK document and not from Google Play Store.
Follow the given steps to set this configuration:
 ·        Go to Settings > Applications (or Security on 4.0 or more) on your Android gadget.
·        Explore to the Unknown sources choice.
·        On the off chance that unchecked, tap the checkbox, and after that tap alright on the affirmation popup.
Your Android gadget is prepared to install advertisement blockers.

Block Ads using ‘hosts’ file

This strategy utilizes "has" record to square promotions. This strategy hinders all promotions in your gadget, incorporating the ones appeared in different applications and amusements. This strategy works just for established gadgets.

"What is a ‘hosts’ file?
" Hosts" record is a plain-message document in a working framework to delineate (like to its IP address. At whatever point you attempt to dispatch a site utilizing its hostname, the working framework will for the most part hunt the "hosts" record to locate the relating IP address first.
On the off chance that the hunt is fruitful, then its mapped IP location is utilized; generally a question is sent to DNS (Area Name Administration) to discover the IP location of that hostname.

"Setting Up ‘hosts’ file
On the PC, open MVPS (or or on your program. A plain-message page will open. Save this page as the name has in the PC.
Utilizing Bluetooth or a USB association, duplicate this hosts document from your PC to your Android gadget. Note the record way.
On your Android, open the document director in your gadget and duplicate the hosts record to/and so forth or/framework/and so on. Getting to this area might oblige you to 'permit super client authorizations' to the document chief.
Rename the first has document (if present) to a .txt or .bak augmentation. Glue the spared has record here. Reboot your Android and your Android is presently advertisement free.

Advertisement Blocking Applications

On the off chance that you search the Android Market, you'll see various applications that guarantee to square all promotions on your Android gadget, however most by far of these applications -, for example, the very much respected AdAway, NetSpector Sniffer/Advertisement Blocker, or AdFree Android- - are accessible just for established telephones. The reason these applications work solely on established telephones is on account of they regularly roll out improvements to the hosts document, something that is permitted just on established gadgets. In the event that you've established your Android telephone, you can attempt any of these applications and check whether they work for you.

Top Most Lightest and Fastest Launchers 2017 For Android Smart Phone

As we all know Android launchers can make our Android smartphone more delightful, up-to-date and adaptable however did you realize that size of a launcher can impact on the execution of your gadget ? Yes, you've perused right ! That on the off chance that you are utilizing a launcher which possesses more memory than it will devour more Slam memory and it will make slacks your android gadget. Along these lines, What to accomplish for making it quicker, better and lovely ? Nothing dubious simply supplant your mammoth launcher with the lightweight launcher and feel the speed of your android.

The following are the best top free 5 android light and quick android launchers which you can use to make your android telephone delightful and build some velocity of it.

 1. Holo Launcher :

This is one of the best, quick , light weight and incredible android launchers I have ever used.If you are battling with low slam and less assets then you ought not think twice.Holo launcher gives you speed , dependability and a quicker client interface.It will possess under 1 MB plate space on your phone.The awesome part is that regardless of which form of android you are on.It will dependably bolster your android.Either in the event that you are on 2.2 froyo or 4.2 jam bean.Holo launcher arrives to accelerate your smartphone.The highlights which charmed me the most was endless looking over, speedier UI ,smoothness of the format and a large portion of all ,the general performance.This is a free launcher you get from PlayStore effectively.

2. Zeam Launcher :

Zeam Launcher is one of the fanciful lightweight and speedier launchers yet tragically this application is no more a work in progress. I think it is the speediest and most lightweight Android Launcher since its of just 388 kilobytes ! At this little size its cool elements like vertical application drawler looking over, different doc bar foundations, thing spacings are better than average. I for one prescribe this launcher in the event that you are hunting down a Basic, Quick and lightweight Android launcher.

3. Mi Launcher :

 MiLauncher is an awesome lightweight and quick android launcher for android OS . It is created from the well known Mi OS .Rather than introducing the entire custom rom to get speed ,you can simply introduce the Mi Launcher and appreciate. It's absolutely free.Also Mi Launcher is wonderful and in vogue too.It has a light-weight UI so it won't take more ram.You can redo it as indicated by your need. With in the launcher you get numerous customization highlights. It additionally has its own particular Mi Store where you can get a large number of topics holding up to be connected on your telephone. Furthermore, one all the more thing. Your android telephone will act like iOS .With ios moves and UI you will get another look and feel like iOS on your android gadget. I was exceptionally partial to this launcher furthermore introduced its custom rom. You can get mi launcher free from the official Google's PlayStore.

4. Shrewd Launcher 2 :

 In the wake of getting the colossal gratefulness for Savvy Launcher,GinLemon (Who added to this launcher) redesigned brilliant launcher to Shrewd Launcher 2 with it magnificent components. Brilliant launcher 2 truly works shrewdly to serve you best client interface. It dislike whatever other launcher, It has been composed without any preparation. There is a bloom which will give you quick access to applications which you are utilizing regularly. Next to this Brilliant Launcher 2 bolster Nova and Summit launcher's symbol sets, So there is not issues for customization. Keen launcher can be use to each android gadget regardless of it is Telephone or Tablet.

5. ADW Launcher :

 One of the best and the most seasoned utilized launchers as a part of Android. ADW Launcher most presumably the quickest and best working launcher for my situation. I have utilized ADW launcher and it was the best.It was excellent. The UI was great.The look and feel was stunning. Also, best of all.My telephone was not backing me off. It was really speeding up.ADW launcher is a free application in the Google's playstore and you get numerous elements encased with in a solitary application.You get a huge number of skins and subjects, signal operations to complete things fastly.More speed and less utilizing hanging up the phone.Light components and incredible experience.This is an unquestionable requirement have application for android clients. Incredible customization change for android.

Top 10 Most Essential Apps for All Android Smart Phone 2017

I love my Android mobile(Sony Xperia M4 Aqua ). I found the level of control with Android to be far better than what I encountered with iOS. For me, it was the applications that sold me on Android. In this article, I'll sharing my must have Android applications. These applications range from basic to making life less demanding and everything in the middle.

I am utilizing android phone since most recent  8 months, Amid these 8 months I've introduced numerous application, Along these lines, today I am composing my 10 best android application that you should Introduce to your android phones. These applications are the fundamental must have android applications that should be introduce subsequent to resting or in the wake of buying another android cell phone.

Top 10 must have Android applications:

1. Screen Off :

Screen Off is amazing application for one touch screen of and lock your android phone. It can expand the life of the lock switch and also it is having different styles for screen off it make the application all the more fascinating. Extremely helpful for android telephones which have lock catch at the top side of telephone, It will all the more simple to screen off and bolt with this application.

2. Fast Office :

Snappy office is a Google Office suite for altering and survey record documents like Docx, Pdf, xml, and so forth. It can open verging on each kind of record documents. Likewise it helps me to alter and see my presentation's ppt records. Basically it is full utilitarian office application that I ever utilized. Sadly as of now its not accessible on Google Play

3. MX Player :

MX player is only an astounding video player, It can play all the sort of video configurations including mkv, flv, avi, and so forth and giving me awesome video experience. You should attempt this video player to your android telephone on the off chance that you are still not utilizing it.

4. Xender :

Xender give office of sharing greater records utilizing WiFi and its free ! It will permit you to share documents at the velocity rate of 2-4Mbps you can share entire motion picture starting with one telephone then onto the next in not more than minutes. Likewise its simple to use because of its shake and share capacity, In case you're not utilizing this application introduce it ! I wager you'll in affection with it.

5. PicsArt :

PicsArt is an Amazing application for altering photographs. It has capacities like different photograph impacts, outlines, cuts expressions and you can likewise make a school style photograph by consolidating more than 2 pictures. Pics Craftsmanship is additionally a drawing device it'll give you a chance to draw on photographs or draw a totally new drawing utilizing it.

6. Musical show Little Program :

9 out of 10 Android clients are utilizing Musical show little program since it is giving quickest skimming speed in 2G system and in addition 3G system. Greater catches and a reasonable format make Musical show Smaller than expected simple for everybody to utilize. Musical show small spare around 90% of information that is the reason it is stacking much speedier than other program.

7. QuickPic :

QuickPic is little in size yet enormous for their work ! An immaculate option of android display and its speedier, great and in addition present day and it is totally promotions Free ! You can watch recordings and pictures from QuickPic furthermore you can rapidly share it to Dropbox, Bluetooth, and so on. Additionally it have highlight of simple envelope stowing away to shroud private recordings and pictures.

8. TubeMate :

TubeMate permit you to Download recordings from YouTube ! Simply go to you favrite video and snap on download catch and pick your normal determination of video and its done ! Extremely basic and simple to utilize application. It is additionally not accessible on google play but rather you can download it from its web

9. Free Charge :

Energize anyplace, whenever with immense rebate coupons with Freecharge portable application. I am utilizing it since last 6-7 months and it is bringing about the ideal result I have done numerous energizes with it and it spared my part of cash and time for reviving portable.

10. AppLock :

AppLock is truly a pleasant application which work without root and can bolt any android application with secret key or example. In the event that you need to bolt messages, display, Approaching calls then all these you can do it with this application. AppLock likewise give highlight of concealing video and pictures.

2017 Top Most Useful Secret Features of Android 5.0 Lollipop

Android 5.0 Lollipop has landed with the Nexus 9 and Nexus 6 and is taking off to a great many devices.If you're setting yourself up for your Android Candy overhaul, or you're simply getting to holds with the OS on your new tablet or cell phone, there may be a couple of things you're still uncertain about. 

The new Google OS has a large group of new elements that add to, and enhance, past adaptations – however they won't not be promptly evident So to help you along, I've gathered together the best tips and traps for Android 5.0 Lollipop.Here are some mystery components of Android Lollipop which the Google has gotten its most recent working framework.

Screen Pinning

Screen Pinning is a security highlight without this might be our Main 10 Highlights, Shrouded Tips and Traps of Android Candy 5.0 would be fragmented. This time Google take security to various level. The new component permits the client to Pin the individual screen to your gadget. At the point when this security alternative is empowered no application or setting can be opened other than the stuck screen.This highlight could extremely accommodating when somebody gets your cell phone. To empower or comprehend this element take after the strides.

Visitor Mode

You can make numerous client accounts on Android yet now another choice called "Visitor Mode" is accessible. This mode makes a perfect, protected and dispensable work-space which anybody can utilize. It is accessible for both telephones and tablets.

Face Open

Google has changed face open component in Candy with the goal that it works quick and smooth. This element did not function admirably in past variants. Face open elements runs quietly as you power on and when you see your bolted screen warnings, it has effectively opened the telephone.

Search Settings

The majority of you know about Google Now highlight. This element likewise works same yet as you probably are aware Google Now needs a dynamic association on the other side the new inquiry alternative works without web. Really this is another capacity which lets you effortlessly discover the applications, settings and so on in your cell phone. You can discover amplifying glass Search symbol in upper right corner. It will same works like pursuit box simply sort it what you need to discover.

Arrange your screen with folders

The Android Candy 5.0 permits you to arrange the screen of your gadget with folders also. It's a really straightforward strategy. Google's most recent working framework has another element which helps you to compose your screen with organizers. You will have numerous applications at the finger touch subsequent to including comparable themed applications mutually. You can do this without reaching pages and pages of application symbols. Simply press long on an application, drag it onto another application symbol and after that it will make an envelope consequently. You can likewise change the name of the organizer also.

Do Not Disturb

Try not to Disturb is anything but difficult to set up, it turns your gadget's volume up or down as it uses rocker switch in favor of your gadget, it will get some information about the warning of particular or all. Tap none choice and your gadget will set to no notices, and afterward you won't be irritated by, writings, calls and even alerts. In the wake of Tapping the need choice you will be upgraded just specific warnings which you set as need. To get every one of the warnings simply tap machine gear-piece haggle you will have the capacity to get every one of the notices at the end of the day. Each of above settings in " Don't Exasperate" can be chosen to work for a particular time or for an uncertain period also.

Magnification gestures

Likewise in the Openness settings is the choice to turn on Magnification motions. At the point when on you can triple tap the screen to zoom in and out. While zoomed in you can drag two fingers to dish and squeeze to change the zoom level. You can likewise briefly amplify whats under your finger by triple tapping and holding. It works all over the place separated from the console and route bar.

2017 Android Secret Codes - Hidden Android Secret Codes 2017

Android is one of the best and most broadly utilized versatile OSes on phones today. Established by Andy Rubin, Rich Digger, Scratch Burns and Chris White in Palo Alto, California; it has progressed significantly being developed. They initially needed to create programming for cameras, however in the wake of understanding that cameras don't have a substantial business sector; they went on subtly creating "Android" – an OS that would equal Symbian and Windows Portable. "We needed more quick witted cell phones that are more mindful of its proprietor's area and inclinations," Andy Rubin said, when he thought of Android.

In this way, we've scouted some shrouded codes for cell phones by Samsung, HTC, LG, Sony, Motorola, and Oppo. We've additionally included nonexclusive Android codes that ought to chip away at all late Android gadgets. Have some good times, yet be watchful - we assume no liability if these don't work, or work in routes damaging to your telephone! Be particularly careful of the manufacturing plant reset - they don't make a few inquiries, they go straight to eradicating all information on your gadget!

Secret Codes and Their Usage:

  • *#*#778O#*#* = Factory Data Reset
  • *#*#I472365#*#* = Starts a Quick GPS Test
  • *#*#0673#*#* OR *#*#0289#*#* = Starts Audio Test
  • *#*#2664#*#* = Starts Touch Screen Test
  • #’#273283*255*663282*#*#* = Backup Media Files
  • *#*#0283#*#* = Starts Packet Loopback Test
  • *2767*3855# = Reinstalls The Phones Firmware & Format Your Phone
  • *#*#232339#*#* OR *#*#526#*#* = Starts Wireless LAN Test
  • *#*# 1575#*#* = Starts Different GPS Tests
  • *#*#4636#*#*‘ = Shows Complete Information About Your Phone
  • *#*#2663#*#* = Shows Touch Screen Version
  • *#*#232337#*# = Displays Bluetooth Device Address
  • *#*#4986*2650468#*#* = Shows PDA, Phone Hardware, RF& Call Date
  • *#*#44336#*#* = Displays Build Time
  • *#06# = Displays IMEI Number
  • *#*#8255#*#* = Google Talk Service Monitoring
  • *#*#I II I#*#* | *‘#*#2222#*#* = Shows FTA Software Version & FTA Hardware Version
  • *#*#3264#*#* = Shows ROMVersion
  • *#*#23233I#‘*#* = Starts Bluetooth Test
  • *#*# 1234#’#’ = Shows PDA & Phone Firmware Information
  • *#*#0*#*#*= Starts LCD Display Test
  • *#*#0842#*#* Starts Vibration & Backlight Test
  • *#*#0588#*#* = Shows Proximity Sensor Test
  • *#*#232338#*#* = Shows Wi-Fi Mac Address
  • *#*#7262626#*#*= Shows Field Test
  • *#*#34971539#*#* = Shows Camera Update
  • *#*#19732840#*#* = Enables Test Mode
  • *#06# – Shows IMEI number
  • *#0*# – Shows Service Menu (Galaxy S III + )
  • *#*#4636#*#* – Shows Phone Information,Usage Statistics &Battery Information
  • *#*#34971539#*#* – Shows Detailed Camera Information
  • *#*#273282*255*663282*#*#* – Immediate Backup of AllMedia Files
  • *#*#197328640#*#* – EnablesTest Mode For Service
  • *#*#232339#*#* – Wireless LAN Tests
  • *#*#0842#*#* – Backlight & Vibration Test
  • *#*#2664#*#* – Touch Screen Test
  • *#*#1111#*#* – FTA Software Version (if 1111 does not work try 1234)
  • *#12580*369# – Software &Hardware Information
  • *#9090# – Diagnostic Configuration
  • *#872564# – USB Logging Control
  • *#9900# – System Dump Mode
  • *#301279# – HSDPA/HSUPA Control Menu
  • *#7465625# – ViewsPhone Lock Status
  • *#*#7780#*#* – Resets The Data Partition To Factory State
  • *2767*3855# – FormatsDevice to Factory State (will delete everything on phone)
  • ##7764726 – Hidden Service Menu (forsome Motorola Droid series)
  • *#*#7594#*#* – EnablesDirect Powering Down of Device (once this code is entered)
  • *#*#273283*255*663282*#*#* –Quick Backup of All The Media Files On Your Android Device
  • *#*#232338#*#* – Shows Wi-Fi MAC Address
  • *#*#1472365#*#* – Performs a Quick GPS Test
  • *#*#1575#*#* – For a More Advanced GPS Test
  • *#*#0283#*#* – Performs a Packet Loopback Test
  • *#*#0*#*#* – Runs a LCD Display Test
  • *#*#0289#*#* – Runsan Audio Test
  • *#*#2663#*#* – ShowsDevice’s Touch Screen Version
  • *#*#0588#*#* – Performs a Proximity Sensor Test
  • *#*#3264#*#* – Shows RAM Version
  • *#*#232331#*#* – Runs Bluetooth Test
  • *#*#232337#*# – Shows device’s Bluetooth Address
  • *#*#7262626#*#* – Performs a Field Test
  • *#*#8255#*#* – Monitors Google Talk Service
  • *#*#4986*2650468#*#* – Shows Phone, Hardware, PDA, RF Call Date & Firmware Information
  • *#*#1234#*#* – Shows PDA & Phone Firmware Information
  • *#*#2222#*#* – Shows FTA Hardware Version
  • *#*#44336#*#* – Shows Build Time &Change List Number
  • *#*#8351#*#* – Enables Voice Dialing Log Mode
  • *#*#8350#*#* – Disables Voice Dialing Log Mode
  • ##778 (+call) – Shows EPST Menu
  • *#*#7594#*#* – EnablesDirect Powering Down of device once this code is entered
  • *#*#232338#*#* – Shows Wi-Fi MAC Address

8 Best Android Launchers 2017 Download For Free

Best Android Launchers : Tired of gazing at the same old symbols on your Android home screen? Take a stab at introducing a custom Android launcher. A decent launcher can give your smartphone an aggregate makeover, from changing the look and feel with changed symbols and subjects, to including new usefulness, for example, keen envelopes and assistive inquiry. Here are the 10 most component pressed, imaginative and adaptable Android launchers available today.

Nova Launcher

Quick, smooth and exceedingly adjustable, Nova Launcher is among the best present day Android launcher applications. Nova parities broad appearance and utility customizations with an insignificant execution sway, giving you a chance to set your home screen simply right without backing off execution. There are a considerable measure of choices to work through, from shading topics to symbol packs, scrollable docks to application drawer customizations, organizer settings and unbounded looking over. Whether you're hoping to enhance your home screen or simply need to zest things up, Nova Launcher is one of the best launchers out there.

Apex Launcher

ApexLauncher satisfies its name and is another great Android launcher with a decent adjust of elements and execution. Center elements incorporate the capacity to alter the homescreen matrix size, with up to nine screens, and additionally a scrollable dock with up to five pages. Limitless looking over, move livelinesss, various organizer styles and different application drawer styles include much more adaptability. The paid form opens considerably more choices, for example, more drawer choices, extra signals and subject backing.

Action  Launcher 3  

Activity Launcher 3 redesigns its launcher to give the application a Lollipop look while offering its own ease of use upgrades. A slide-out application drawer furnishes clients with brisk access to an application library and gadgets, and uncommon motions, for example, "covers" and "shades" take into consideration expedient access. Activity Launcher naturally selects predominant hues in your wallpaper and conforms the application drawer, envelope foundations and inquiry box to coordinate.

Arrow Launcher

Microsoft's just hopped into the Android launcher diversion with Arrow, which keeps all the data and applications you require in conservative, setting delicate pages. Applications are sorted by of utilization, while swipes to one side and to the privilege permit you to rapidly get to contacts, a gadgets page, late application movement, and in addition a convenient notes and updates page. Framework settings can be immediately come to by swiping up from the base of the screen.

Yahoo Aviate Launcher

Yahoo's Aviate Launcher is more sweeping than a portion of the opposition. Fly starts with a rearranged home screen and an auto-arranged application drawer. As you experience the day, be that as it may, Aviate modifies what's on the showcase to give the data you require at this moment. Check the climate, movement and news in the morning, get driving and driving bearings when on the go from work, or consequently pull up your music applications and craftsman points of interest when you connect to your earphones.

APUS Launcher

APUS Launcher is a profoundly adjustable launcher that accompanies a huge amount of wallpapers, topics, activitys, and additionally framework devices to spruce up your telephone's UI. APUS naturally arranges your applications into brilliant envelopes, motion controls permit you to rapidly raise notices or seek, and a Free Swipe tab permits fast access to telephone and framework settings and in addition often utilized applications. The launcher likewise accompanies an assortment of additional items, for example, an execution supporter, a battery utility and additionally application disclosure devices.

Smart Launcher 3

Brilliant Launcher's been one of our long time top choices for its streamlined outline that chops your telephone home screen down into an engaged savvy dial of your most much of the time utilized applications. It's a to a great degree spotless and moderate interface that works especially well on cell phones with littler screens. Notwithstanding the keen dial, the launcher incorporates a savvy application drawer that consequently sorts your application into helpful gatherings, with independent drawers for diversions, specialized instruments, Internet, mixed media applications, and so on. The most recent emphasis of Smart Launcher includes level surface location, and different changes, while holding the smooth interface.

Buzz Launcher

Buzz Launcher comes pressed with components for planning your own particular customized Android interface. It not just makes it simple to make home screens, additionally to share them online or scan through the work of different clients for your own specific top choices. Customization addicts can change symbols, wallpapers, envelopes, drawers and home screen alternatives, while less prepared clients simply searching for a change of interface can simply download whatever takes their extravagant.

6 Best Applock for Android 2017 Free Download

    A huge number of utilization are accessible in Google's Play Store and consistently you came in touch a hefty portion of them. Applications are distinctive sorts, similar to amusements, devices, programs, and so forth. Numerous application requires your login points of interest to store your touchy information. In this way, protection is a noteworthy issue of mobile phones nowadays. On the off chance that your smartphone is very little secure, then one can without much of a stretch take your private information like login points of interest, photographs, recordings, messages, and so forth. Along these lines, you ought to dependably shield your smartphone from unapproved clients.

You can put a secret word or example lock to ensure your telephone, yet you can't decline your companions or family to get to your smartphone. Your smartphone may have some private date which you would prefer not to demonstrat to them. All things considered, application lock is the best arrangement. Here I have shared 6 best applock for Android 2016 for nothing download from play store.

1. LEO Privacy Guard

LEO Privacy Guard – Lock&Boost is one of the best applock for Android 2016 to ensure your applications and security totally. The high-security capacities and part of enhanced elements make it one of a kind among different applications in this classification. It has an inbuilt scanner, which filters your Mobile phone from malignant applications and the inbuilt cleaner cleans garbage records to build your telephone's execution.
It additionally has an Anti-burglary highlight to find your lost versatile. You can likewise remotely get to your cell phone from anyplace. It takes a photograph of some who enter the wrong secret word and caution you utilizing an alert which makes it extraordinary application lock for Android telephones.

2. Apps Lock and Gallery Hider

Applications Lock and Gallery Hider is another best application lock for Android which accompanies rich and insightful elements. You can secure all downloaded and framework applications with PIN and Pattern lock. The components of this application are separated into three areas, for example, Smart elements, Security elements, and Hi-Tech highlights.

By utilizing its Hi-tech highlight, you can ensure progressed applications like Installation, Settings, Task director, Force Stop, Data, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, SD card, Incoming calls, and so forth. It gives the complete security answer for your Android cell phone. 

3. Perfect AppLock

As like its name, it is the best application locker for Android to ensure your applications perfectly. It gives three sorts of lock insurance; fake unique finger impression scanner, fake mistake pop-up, and secret word assurance. The fake mistake is the most ideal approach to shield your applications from companions. It demonstrates a fake cautioning, that the procedure is not working effectively. You can likewise control the shine and revolution of each application. It additionally gives a special element that makes it particular from another Apps that is Stealth mode. In this mode, an App turns out to be totally imperceptible from the launcher.

4. AppLock

AppLock is another best applock for Android 2016. It permits the clients to secure their applications by utilizing a number or an example code. You can just get to the Applications on the off chance that you know the right secret word. You can likewise change the application lock screen foundation, conceal the application symbol, uninstall security, Advanced assurance and some more. It permits you to introduce diverse topics and modules for better look and security. Simply tap the lock symbol to bolt and open applications. It is exceptionally helpful and easy to understand.

5. Smart AppLock

One of the best application lock for Android to secure framework applications like WIFI, Bluetooth, Data and numerous more and additionally client applications. It bolsters secret key and example lock. By utilizing various watchword capacity, you can set an alternate secret key for each bolted application. It has additionally screen and turn lock capacity. It gives basic and simple to utilize interface and one of the best free applications you ought to attempt.

 6. App locker – Lock Any App

Application locker – Lock Any App is an unquestionable requirement have application for Android clients to shield their security from unapproved access. It has some one of a kind components you could like, that it bolts your private messages by locking applications like SMS, Whatsapp, Facebook courier, Twitter, Emails, Skype, Snapchat, Contacts, and so on. It additionally bolts your touchy photographs and recordings and also approaching and active calls.
With its marvelous interface and easy to utilize capacities, you will dependably utilize this application to secure your individual applications. The application additionally comes planned in with logged off security secret key reclamation, a component found in not very many application lockers

These six are the best applock for Android 2016 for free download, try it and share.